Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2016

Dec Camp pic 1
Under the capable leadership of Carolyn Campbell-McLean, what a fabulous camp this was for both campers and carers!
The weather was great.  The activities were lots of fun with fishing; damper cooking; birds and creepy crawlies; mad scientists; a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; catching up with the Manly players, and of course, swimming in the academy pool.   Thanks to the fantastic effort from the carers in getting the campers in and out of the pool, this became a huge favourite.




Camper Quotes:

Fishing is actually fun!  Why is camp almost over? It’s gone too fast – Abigail

I liked laser tag a lot! – Anwen

I feel so free when swimming after feeling so restricted in the chair! – Bodene

I’m sad to be leaving camp – Daniel

Party night was the best night ever! – Dean

I love being able to have so much fun with kids with my condition – Dylan

I’m going to tell my grandma about everything I’ve done at camp – Emily

I’m so exhausted from having fun! – Fletcher

I don’t want to go home in three days. I told mum I’d miss her because I thought I would, but I don’t! – name withheld

I never thought I would get married until I heard Carolyn’s story – Jack

It was great meeting the Manly players – Jake

Swimming is my favourite activity and I only do it at camp – Kamal

Boccia instructor: ‘Are you ready?’ – Kieran: ‘I was born ready!’

This is awesome, I’m coming back every year – Lucy

I’m really excited to do Deco jars. I’m taking mine home – Mahalah

What would you do without me on this camp? – Mitch

I like being here because everybody is in a wheelchair – Mujtaba

I’m really glad for the friendships I’ve developed – Mustafa

I had the best time at the party. Did you hear my singing? – Olivia

I was like Bruce Willis in Diehard at laser tag – Patrick

Spaghetti Bolognaise and chicken with gravy, 10/10 – Ryan

I can’t wait to come back next year with all my new friends – Ryan

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