The demands placed on families affected by a neuromuscular condition (NMC) can be considerable and exhausting. Our 5 day Camps offer a respite opportunity for you and your family whilst your children are in a safe and fun environment with other people of similar circumstances.


MDNSW’s Camps provide the means for people with a NMC to experience teamwork, the thrill of a challenge and a huge sense of achievement. We encourage campers to become more independent in their thinking and decision making and provide an environment where they can discover all that they can be. Camp is about stepping outside your comfort zone and believing that you are a strong person who is capable of achieving remarkable things!


Upcoming Camps

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Thinking of Sending Your Child to Camp?

Muscular Dystrophy Golf Day 2014 109468 v31 (P1) Hear from one of our best and most experienced camp carers. Click on the picture to read the article.

Meaning of Our Camp Name – Kula N’ Gadu

Muscular Dystrophy Golf Day 2014 109468 v31 (P1) Find out the meaning behind our Camp name – Kula N’ Gadu. Click on the picture to read the article.

Camp Video

Muscular Dystrophy Golf Day 2014 109468 v31 (P1) See what our campers and carers get up to at camp! Click on the picture to watch our camp video.
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Camp Kula N’ Gadu

A camp for all types of ability but priority is given to those who use a wheelchair for mobility.

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2017

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2016

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2016

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2015

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2015

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2014

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2014

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2013

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2013

Kula N' Gadu Camp 2012

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2012

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2011

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2011

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2010

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2010

Adventure Camp

A camp for those who are more mobile and can self-transfer

Adventure Camp 2018

Adventure Camp 2017

Adventure Camp 2016

Adventure Camp 2015

Adventure Camp 2014

Adventure Camp 2013

Camp 2012 up-up-and-away

Adventure Camp 2012