Previous Camps

Thanks to the wonderful support of ADHC, MDNSW runs two 5-day camps every year at Narrabeen and Port Stephens. Click on the pictures below to read about all the exciting things we got up to at previous camps.


Camp Kula N’ Gadu

A camp for all types of ability but priority is given to those who use a wheelchair for mobility.

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2016

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2016

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2015

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2015

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2014

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2014

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2013

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2013

Kula N' Gadu Camp 2012

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2012

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2011

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2011

Camp Kula N' Gadu 2010

Camp Kula N’ Gadu 2010

Adventure Camp

A camp for those who are more mobile and can self-transfer

Adventure Camp 2017

Adventure Camp 2016

Adventure Camp 2015

Adventure Camp 2014

Adventure Camp 2013

Camp 2012 up-up-and-away

Adventure Camp 2012