Member Newsletter

Talking Point and Snapshot keep members and supporters of MDNSW up to date with the latest research, available funding, articles of interest and information about new services and opportunities that can be accessed throughout NSW. They also highlight events, programs and services offered at MDNSW, whilst providing opportunities for members to share their experiences with each other about their own personal journeys.

Our member newsletters provide relevant information for anyone affected by a neuromuscular condition, whether you are a parent, a person with the condition, a family member, supporter or a friend. They are a great source of information and a wonderful way for our members to stay connected both with us here at MDNSW and with each other.

Talking Point is posted out to all our members in March and July each year, whilst the shorter version, Snapshot, is distributed via email in the weeks just prior to Christmas. Previous issues of all newsletters can be downloaded by clicking on the text links under each edition’s cover page.

Please forward any articles, letters to the Editor or feedback about our Newsletter to or call Melissa on 9809 2111 ext. 3. Alternatively you can remain anonymous by clicking here

We hope you enjoy reading our Newsletter!

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