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Muscular Dystrophy NSW is proud to announce that we have launched yet another WORLD FIRST PROGRAM!


Following the phenomenal success of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, we identified a gap in services available to assist young people with a neuromuscular condition to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. The current services available just don’t seem to be right for the people we support.


Working Wheels (WW) is an employment focused program for people living with a neuromuscular condition that aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to be successful in their chosen area of employment. WW acknowledges that people living with a neuromuscular condition have unique needs and have to overcome many barriers such as accessibility of the workplace, adaptive equipment, community attitudes and awareness, as well as their own limited physical ability that limits their choices. The WW program will work with individuals to educate them in overcoming these barriers in addition to teaching them the prevocational skills necessary to move into the workforce.


Another exciting aspect of the WW programs besides supporting the young people themselves, is that we will be working in close partnership with various businesses and organisations to educate and support them through the employment process and beyond. Employers will have the opportunity to undergo the Business Education Program (BizEd) that aims to prepare them for employing someone with a neuromuscular condition by providing them with an adequate understanding of an individual’s specific condition and how it progresses. Support for employers at each of these progressive stages is deemed to be paramount for both the employee and the employer/work colleagues. Therefore, once someone is employed, the employer will have the benefit of ongoing support from MDNSW when questions arise along the way; we will always be just a phone call or email away!


So if you are an employer or a potential employee interested in becoming involved in this unique Working Wheels project, please contact Mitch, our Client Programs Coordinator, at or  9888 5711 [option 3]. We’d love to hear from you!


Muscular Dystrophy NSW is extremely grateful to Ageing Disability and Home Care for supporting and funding this world-first Pilot Program


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Working Wheels-page

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