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One way to really help MDNSW and help raise funds and awareness is to organize a fun social or sporting event!  These funds enable Muscular Dystrophy NSW to continue to provide services to children, young people, adults and families whose lives are affected by a neuromuscular condition.


If you would like us to help you in organising an event or if you have any ideas, click HERE to download MDNSW fundraising guide.


To find out more about holding a Fundraising Event or to gain an Authority to Fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy NSW, please contact the MDNSW office on 02 9888 5711 or email for further information. 


Check out what some of our members and their friends have been doing to raise valuable funds for Muscular Dystrophy NSW.

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Fundraising TP Autumn 2018

Ladies High Tea for MD

Ladies High Tea for MDAfter months of excited planning and preparation we hosted a fabulous fundraising event at Lachlan’s, Old Government House on Sunday 12 March. 120 women gathered together at the elegant and historic venue to celebrate International Women’s Day and support MDNSW.

The sun was shining in Parramatta Park after weeks of rain, the champagne was flowing and the sweet and savoury High Tea was delicious! Our guests enjoyed catching up with dear friends and meeting new ones.

MDNSW member Karen Peacock shared some powerful words about the strength and resilience of women, and quoted fellow woman with disability Stella Young “I want to make something clear – I am not a snowflake. I am not a sweet, infantilising symbol of fragility and life. I am a strong, fierce, flawed adult woman. I plan to remain that way”.    .

Samantha Thyrd who joined us all the way from Cairns shared her raw and personal story about her late brother Adam who had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the positive, yet painful and lasting impact that he has had on her own life. It was clear that neuromuscular conditions affect people in various ways, but the feeling in the room was certainly one of strength, support, embracing life, companionship and acknowledgement of our incredibly spirited community. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. There was laughter and love for those we have, and those we have lost.

The Mystery Balloons went like hotcakes!! Some very lucky ladies won lucky door prizes before the winners of our High Tea raffle were announced. Our one and only gentleman guest Dave Reid kindly drew the winners, and every guest took home a handmade vintage goody bag. At the end of the day Client Services Manager Joan Martin thanked everyone for your contribution to helping MDNSW continue to provide its services for children and adults with neuromuscular conditions.

We would like to thank all of our kind sponsors who helped make this event possible and the people who donated prizes, their time and gave support to this great cause. The feedback on the day has been overwhelming and we have been asked to run this as an annual event! We are happy to report that we raised $5,567 for MDNSW!

Carolyn Campbell-McLean and Belinda Ryan

Carolyn & Belinda


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