NDIS In Action

Blake & EmmaNDIS funding has given myself and my 14yr old son Blake opportunities that have always been unimaginable.

With our NDIS plans we have for the first time the opportunity to have our own goals and can use our funding to decide on the services and support we will use in the community. Being on Disability pension restricts my ability to pay for therapy services, carers and a range of other things that I can now get and pay for through my NDIS plan. Life has changed so much for me, this new NDIS world of opportunities I would have never thought would have been possible for me. We have struggled in the past with managing our daily disability support requirements but now with the NDIS we can afford a range of new activities, equipment aid, supplies, home modifications and supports and services that we never knew about or could afford.

NDIS has filled in the gaps to improve daily living for myself and my family. We are now accessing carers, recreational and social activities, therapies ( Speech, Physio, Occupational and Hydrotherapy), home- help like cleaning and shopping and we have a subsidy for transport which allows me get my daughter to and from school. My son Blake is involved in new activities that include MDNSW camps, respite away from home and regular sporting and social activities. The carers assist Blake to interact at these various events and he is taught new skills whilst socialising with his peers.

I feel I am in control of my life. I am more confident, strong & happy. I now see myself as having choice in how I manage my time, manage my symptoms and can take on new challenges . I have now become less reliant on family members which has improved the quality of my relationships. I now know the feeling of independence and really love it!

MDNSW Social Worker Marie Adamou who is my Support Coordinator helped me to prepare for my NDIS planning meetings. I was able to meet with Marie before the NDIS meetings and discuss my goals. Preparing for the assessment meeting with NDIS was so important to ensure the NDIS planners had a real picture of our needs.

MDNSW provide a range of information to help people with neuromuscular conditions access the National Disability Insurance Scheme. MDNSW staff have the expertise to support you with the pre- planning discussion of goals, attend NDIS meetings with you and can assist you with the implementation of your plan. Having support from MDNSW made a real difference to us and we now have ongoing support with all aspects of the co-ordination of our NDIS plan.

I am very positive and now look forward to our future being part of the NDIS. I know now that Blake will achieve his goals and grow into a strong & happy young man .

Emma & Blake Velthuyzen