Phil’s study trip to Denmark

Philip's study trip to DenmarkAt just 19 years of age, Philip has done more than most people do in a lifetime. And he has achieved all of this, living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


A native Danish speaker, Philip is on a mission to learn about Denmark’s innovative approach to disability services and to bring those ideas home to Australia, to make a difference for people living with a disability – particularly young people. Specifically, Philip plans to develop and bring home an Integrated Living model to enable young people with disabilities, lead a full life, in their own home.


Why I am doing this (in Philip’s own words):


I went on a study trip in 2015 for three weeks where I learned a lot about Denmark’s highly successful approach to disability services. But that trip only scratched the surface of the research I wish to undertake. That’s why I am going on an extended study tour in 2017, to bring back from Denmark the latest, most innovative ways to fundraise, and the know-how to build integrated living communities and help disabled young people achieve their goals.


The Integrated Living model I’ve been working on will allow people with and without a disability to live together – providing care, a shared home and a full life within the community for all residents. It is a big idea and a massive plan, but we know it will work and we already have a plan of what the prototype will look like.


My dream is to build the Integrated Living prototype here in Australia, to become an ambassador for young Australians with a disability, and to help Muscular Dystrophy NSW find new ways to fundraise to continue their vital work.


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PS There is also a website where I will be posting all about the project. Follow me at