The countdown is on!!


Read what Phillip (above) has to say about why he’s coming to camp ?
“There are only 7 weeks until camp is finally upon us! Each year, camp is one of the biggest highlights for me and after each camp I leave feeling exuberant and more excited than ever for the next camp to come.

Why is it such an exciting time you may ask?

Well that’s because camp is a place where everyone feels welcome and is able to be included in all of the activities, which have been modified so that both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users are able to participate in these lively, joyous and sometimes amusing activities.

Camp feels a lot like home as we all share similar challenges which provides us with a sense of understanding for each other. This provides us with the acceptance of each other to put our challenges aside to form some very special and strong, long-lasting friendships. Not only is it a fun place where you feel at home, it is also a very good learning opportunity for people with disabilities on independence and for carers as they get an opportunity to gain a firsthand experience of what this rewarding job entails.

As a result, I strongly recommend these camps to anyone living with MD who is thinking about getting involved in the future!”