Understanding Neuromuscular Conditions

MDNSW offers training in neuromuscular conditions on an in-house and calendar basis.

Topics covered include:

  • Background to neuromuscular conditions
    • what are neuromuscular conditions?
    • difference between neuromuscular conditions and other conditions
    • types of neuromuscular conditions
  • Physical experiences for people with neuromuscular conditions
  • Psycho-social issues for people with neuromuscular conditions
  • Psychological experiences – depends on a range of factors for affected person, partners, children
  • Practical problem solving / resilience and 5 Stages of coping
  • Practical strategies for dealing with issues – 9 Planning issues
  • Best practice communication when working with people with neuromuscular conditions


Training can be tailored to the needs of your staff and your timeframes, and can include:

  • Case studies
  • Guest speakers – person with a NMC, family member and health professional
  • Videos
  • Q and A session
  • Handy Tips Sheet


Please contact Carolyn Campbell-McLean, Training Project Coordinator for further information and to discuss your training needs.

Phone: 0408 472 510