Adventure Camp Wrap Up

Adventure Camp 2023 was held at the Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops in the first week of the April school holidays. We had 16 children attend, supported by 22 MDNSW volunteers and staff for the 5-day camp. We were blessed with great weather, just a bit of rain towards the end of camp that only affected one of our planned activities. Some of the popular activities were the drifter carts, with the kids speeding around and trying to get the best drift. They built bottle rockets and ballistas and launched them; created amazing tie-dye and artwork designs. We also visited the Symbio Wildlife Park and played down at Stanwell Park Beach.  

George & John getting crafty

Ned at Symbio Zoo

Harlee with a kangaroo at Symbio Zoo

We had 3 campers join us for the first time, meeting new friends and challenging themselves. One of the campers said he liked the tie-dye because he could do it without help. All of the campers gave the drifter carts a go with some in particular speeding around with the biggest smile on their faces. After the five days it was time to head home, for some campers this was terrible news, why can’t camp last forever?! They were sad to say goodbye to their friends and excited to do it all again next year. 

After the campers had returned home to their families some of the parents noticed changes, our youngest camper is now choosing his own clothes in the morning at home. One of the parents commented that camp made their daughter realise how capable she is. Another said that camp gives their son an opportunity to socialise with people experiencing the same restrictions and difficulties that he faces. 

John, Harlee, George and Isaac with Camp Carers

John and Camp Carer Alicia launching rockets

Fletcher and Ned working on their rockets

We are very grateful for the wonderful team of volunteers that support the kids at camp. We asked them what their favourite part of camp is “spending time with the campers doing activities in a group”, “seeing the campers become friends with each other and work together”.  

Adventure Camp will be on again in April 2024, we also have our Summer Camp for children who use a power wheelchair from the 16th – 20th of December this year.