Big Red Roll + Stroll – Registration Open!

The Big Red Roll + Stroll is an inclusive event for our whole community, aimed at providing people living with a neuromuscular condition the chance to celebrate who they are with their family and friends.

It’s also a chance to shine a spotlight on these rare conditions and raise awareness about the lives of the people living with them.

After years of living through the Covid-19 pandemic, and cancelled programs, leaving many feeling anxious and alone, Sunday, 20 March is an opportunity for us to rally together and support one another by signing up for the virtual Big Red Roll + Stroll and celebrating our neuromuscular community!

How it works

  1. Pick your challenge: 3km (social), 5km (serious) or 10km (hardcore!) and decide if you’re going solo or as part of a team 🤔
  2. Dedicate your challenge: Wear red if you live with a neuromuscular condition ❤️, blue if you know someone with a neuromuscular condition 💙, or white if you’ve lost someone to a neuromuscular condition 🤍
  3. Set a fundraising goal: Every dollar you raise will support MDNSW’s programs and help us shine a spotlight on neuromuscular conditions. 👀
  4. Run, roll or stroll your kms at your local park, beach or street: And don’t forget to track your laps to see the distance you’ve covered! We’ll provide a list of accessible route options for across NSW for you to choose from – or choose your own! ⏱