MDNSW community member forced to spend $1300 on rapid antigen tests for in-home carers

Many in our MDNSW community would know Carolyn Campbell-McLean through the great work she does coordinating our Peer Connect Program, but she is also a leader and advocate for the community, speaking out on important issues and standing up for rights. The Guardian has spoken to Carolyn about the impact Covid-19 is having on the disability community, in particular the emotional and financial strain it has caused her, and many others, personally.

“Carolyn paid the price for the December PCR testing debacle when she couldn’t find a Covid-negative carer to help her get into bed on New Year’s Eve; and she has not left the home she shares with her husband, who also has a physical disability, since 15 December due to the spike in cases.

“But the cost to Campbell-McLean just to keep herself safe is perhaps neatly summed up in that figure of $1,300.

“I’ve spent $1,300 of my own money on RAT tests so I can make sure my carers do them before they come in”, Campbell-McLean says.

“The NDIS has not allowed me to claim that money. If I was living in a group home, the staff at the group home and their agencies that runs those homes are … able to claim this money. People who support ourselves in our own home … are not able to claim that. I think that’s really unfair.”

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