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Muscular Dystrophy NSW

ABN 11 774 587 436


Office Address
Studdy MS Centre
80 Betty Cuthbert Dr
Lidcombe NSW 2141


Monday 9am – 4 pm
Tuesday 9am – 4 pm
Wednesday 9am – 4 pm
Thursday 9am – 4 pm
Friday 9am – 4 pm
Saturday Closed
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Postal Address
Studdy MS Centre
80 Betty Cuthbert Dr
Lidcombe NSW 2141


Freecall      : 1800 635 109
Phone         : (02) 9888 5711
Fax              : (02) 9887 4423

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Feedback & Complaints

Muscular Dystrophy NSW values feedback and we will respond to all enquiries and concerns raised as quickly as possible.


We are committed to ensuring our customers and their families are encouraged and supported to make and resolve complaints about the organisation or service they receive and that this is done in a timely and efficient manner.


You can choose not to give your name or other details. We will still follow through with your feedback to the best of our ability with the information provided.


For more information please view our complaints policy.


You can complete this form below or alternatively, if you wish to speak to one of our staff members you can contact our office on (02) 9888 5711.

 Privacy Statement: We will use any personal information provided to assist with the complaint handling and not for any other purpose. Personal information will not be used within MDNSW or disclosed to persons outside of MDNSW unless required by law.