When Ryan was two years old, his parents noticed that he was no longer able to do some of the same activities as other kids his age, like climbing at the playground.  

After seeing a neurologist at the Westmead Children’s Hospital, Ryan’s parents learned that he had Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3, a progressive neuromuscular condition that causes decreased muscle function. There is no current cure.  


See how MDNSW Camp and Powerchair sports transformed Ryan’s life…

There are 13,000 people in NSW, many of them children, who live with neuromuscular conditions. Will you donate today to help another child like Ryan reach their potential? 

Soon after Ryan’s diagnosis, his parents came to learn about Muscular Dystrophy NSW (MDNSW).  

My life is so much easier since connecting with MDNSW,” said Cindy.  He feels very comfortable in this group, he doesn’t feel different, he feels just the same as all the others and that he belongs – just feels ‘normal’.” 

Because of generous assistance from people just like you, Ryan was able to attend MDNSW’s Summer Camp that is tailored specifically to the needs of children with a neuromuscular condition. Being able to join camps has been life changing for Ryan. He made new friends and learned how to express himself as an individual, be more confident and truly reach his potential. Through MDNSW, Ryan made friends with other kids just like him and found his own community.

Ryan was also introduced to Powerchair Sports when his MDNSW support coordinator, Joan, encouraged Cindy to take him to give the sport a go.  

Soon after, Ryan started playing and he not only loves it, but is now one of the best in the country!  He has recently been selected in the Australian Powerchair hockey team to compete in the World Championships in Switzerland. 

It is quite exciting going to Europe and meeting international teams, but I am also nervous. My dad is coming with me and there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done beforehand to help with my daily support and care while over there, says Ryan. 

“Every player there will have some form of muscular dystrophy, and out of the seven Australian teammates I’ll be the second youngest player going.” 

Our aim is for every child with a degenerative muscle wasting condition to be given the opportunity to reach their potential. Your generous donation, will help children, like Ryan, do just that. Due to the progressive nature of neuromuscular conditions, time is of the essence. We need your help today to ensure that no child is left on the sideline.

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