MDNSW recognises that all people with disability, including children, young people and adults, have legal and human rights and that those rights should be respected at all times.

Our mission is to empower, connect and support people with neuromuscular conditions and be an effective advocate for the neuromuscular community.

We can support you to self-advocate, or our Client Services team can advocate on your behalf, depending on your needs or issue. We can also refer you to other advocacy organisations to further assist you if needed.


What are your rights around Advocacy?

You have the right to:

  • be treated fairly and with respect
  • not be discriminated against by age, ethnicity, abilities, sexuality, gender or sexual preference
  • be provided with information on advocacy
  • access to an advocate, including an independent advocate, if required
  • facilitated advocacy if allegations of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination have been made

Advocacy can also involve Muscular Dystrophy NSW feeding back concerns and issues to government and other policy making bodies to help shape future services or adding our voice to campaigns like the #StandbyMe campaign run by the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance.

Call us on 02 9888 5711 if you have any questions about advocacy or if you think you might need an advocate. If we can’t help, we’ll connect you with organisations that specialise in this work.

School bullying and advocacy

MDNSW supports people with neuromuscular conditions through all stages of their lives. At times young people may need some additional support and resources to help them through a tough time at school, especially if they are being bullied.

This article provides some useful information on children with disability and bullying. One of our younger members has also made this excellent video on bullying.

Members are encouraged to contact the Client Services Team at MDNSW on 02 9888 5711 if you or your child are in need of further support.

More information on advocacy

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