Melanie’s Career Takes Off

Melanie Tran

Applying the skills she learned at Torrens University Australia, Melanie Tran is the co-founder of AbilityMate, a company which uses 3D printing to create custom-made orthoses. She is also a UX Designer for Hireup, an online platform which allows people with a disability to find and manage support workers.

For Melanie Tran, a Digital Media student at Torrens University Australia, accomplishing her dreams starts with a fearless attitude and believing in herself. She is a disruptor, an innovator, an activist, and an entrepreneur. Every day, she fights to make the world more inclusive and accessible for the one billion people who live with a disability.

“My lived experience as someone who has a disability, coupled with my skills and knowledge as a User Experience Designer, allows me to be a change maker in the disability and technology sectors,” she said. “I work bringing together two worlds that have not always worked side by side. I believe disability must drive us towards innovation.”

Melanie Tran is a long term member, client and former employee of MDNSW. Melanie attended our camp when she was a teen, and went on to complete her Gold Award through our Duke of Edinburgh program. Joining our innovative employment program after she finished school, Mel has now completed her studies and is doing amazing things in her chosen career of User Experience and design. Her she is a few years ago giving a TED X Talk.