Peer Connect


Covid-19 Update:

Connections are important, especially in these times, so MDNSW has started a few online groups using Zoom, and its had the benefit of getting people together that may not usually join in on group get-togethers. Find out about our online groups on our Events page.

In order to keep our groups safe we are using best practice guidelines and we also have Expected standards of behaviour for online groups

A supportive place for people affected by neuromuscular conditions.

MDNSW believes that people with disabilities are experts in their own lives. They become excellent navigators of many systems, innovative problem-solvers and hold the key to accessing information, support and services they need to participate in everyday life.

Life stage transitions are significant for those with NMCs and often include substantial increases in support needs. Peer Connect groups ensure that participants are empowered throughout life stage changes through connecting with others with similar lived experience. Hearing about other people’s journey and experiences in accessing the community can make people feel like they are not alone. If others have had success, they feel more confident and motivated to try new things.

What happens in Peer Connect?

You can:

  • share experiences, information and tips
  • learn advocacy skills
  • motivate yourself and others
  • set and achieve goals
  • build confidence and empowerment
  • participate in the community
  • increase contribution to community through leadership and fellowship

What kind of peer groups do we run?

In 2019 we have arranged a number of get-togethers including:

  • Siblings Days Out
  • Sydney Adults with MD gatherings
  • SMArties meetups for people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Also being planned are workshops on self-managing your NDIS plan and other information workshops with peers, where people can share the wisdom of their experience.