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Muscular Dystrophy NSW is a NSW State Licensed Operator of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – which is an internationally recognised program inviting people of all abilities and cultural backgrounds to dig deep and achieve!


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an enriching program that invites young people aged between 14 and 25 years to participate in a non-competitive program of self-directed activities. Participants can choose to do their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, and each level requires that they undertake an activity of their choice in each of the four Sections of Skill, Physical Recreation, Volunteering and Adventurous Journey. They participate on a regular basis over a set period of time for each Section and take ownership of as much of the planning, decision making and record keeping as possible.


We’re in the process of recruiting new people to participate in the award and assisting those already in the award to move forward.

Scotty NZ It’s for everyone from the age of 14 to 25, no matter what your limitations. Forget the idea that you need to go on a hike in the bush.There are many other wonderful ways to complete your adventurous journey or expedition.


Like Scotty, pictured here, who went to New Zealand. I like to think of the award as a motivational tool to get you doing things you’d have never done otherwise.


As the award Leader, it’s my job to help create achievable goals appropriate to your abilities. We really want everyone to have a go.

There are so many benefits, including bonus points for entry into some universities – it looks fantastic on your CV. It helps motivate you to achieve things you would not have done normally. Where possible, MDNSW will help with expenses.


If you’d like more information, please email or call Mitch on 9888 5711 ext. 3 for a chat!


Click here to download our current Duke of Ed Brochure


Read more about this amazing world-first program!


Kate Thomas and Philip Hojgaard-Olsen – The Denmark Experience

Click on the picture to watch Kate and Philip talk about their Denmark Experience.

Philip’s Mini Documentary

Click on the picture to view the mini-documentary Philip helped to edit and produce as part of his Duke of Ed Skill Section.

Melanie’s TEDxYouth@Sydney talk titled “How to Climb a Mountain in a Wheelchair”

Muscular Dystrophy Golf Day 2014 109468 v31 (P1) Click on the picture watch Melanie’s video as she talks about her Duke of Ed Journey and how it changed her life

Jye Donkin - DoE Bronze Award

Richard's Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey






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