Adults and over 65s

There’s a lot to think about at this time of life, including the possibility of going on to higher education or work. Some people choose to move out of home and live independently. We all deal with the ups and downs of life including relationships, study, work and health.

Some people grow up living with a lifelong disability while others are diagnosed with neuromuscular conditions later in life. Transitioning to higher support needs can occur at different life stages depending on the individual.

MDNSW is here to help with information and support,
we also provide a range of programs and events for adults

Our long history of working with people with many different kinds of neuromuscular conditions means we understand your specific support needs and issues.

Our programs and events provide great opportunities to connect with other people and families in our MDNSW community.

We also highly recomment young adults (up to 24)  to participate in the empowering and well-regarded Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program.

Check out The Peer Collective for stories from our NSW community and The Loop is a great new Australia-wide resource for the neuromuscular community, featuring stories, condition information and a forum.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

This empowering program invites young people aged 14 to 24 to participate in a non-competitive program of self-directed activities.

Whilst the Award is well-known, it’s often news to young people with neuromuscular conditions that they can participate in this challenging and rewarding program.


Young Adults Retreat

This retreat is targeted at young adults with a neuromuscular condition aged between 18-30. The idea for this program came about because kids who grew up going to MDNSW Camps wanted to continue to have fun meeting new people and catching up with old friends. As a result, this program was developed as a result of this special request from the young adults in the MDNSW community.


Peer Connect Retreat

This program is an opportunity for people with MD or other neuromuscular conditions and their partners to go away for the weekend as a group. Participants come away feeling refreshed and connected to a larger community of peers.  


Neuromuscular Information & Research Seminar

Everyone has questions about their, or their loved one’s condition, the latest research and upcoming treatments. We bring people with questions together with people with answers. Speakers include researchers, medical and allied health professionals and people with lived experience.


Check out The Peer Collective for more information on travel, sports, home and car mods, and other topics that might be of interest for adults.

And check our Events page for any upcoming events that may interest you.

Peer Connect

Peer support activities are a great way for people of all ages to meet, connect and share information, including strategies for living the life they choose. Check out our Peer Connect events to find out more information.


Over 65s

Once people living with MD turn 65, they may continue to receive their NDIS funding and supports, if they are already doing so. Others over 65 may receive support through Aged Care packages.

Here at MDNSW, we provide information and support for older clients and their families and carers in this stage of life, as well as programs.   

Events and meetups include:

  • Sydney MD retreats
  • Sydney MD gatherings
  • Neuromuscular Information & Research Seminar
  • Your MDNSW Community Day celebration

Check out The Peer Collective for more information on Aged Care, transport, entitlements and other topics that might be of interest for over 65s.