Young Adults Retreats

This retreat, also known as a short stay program, is for young adults with a neuromuscular condition aged between 18-30. This program was developed by special request from the young adults in the MDNSW community who wanted an opportunity to get together with other young people like them and have some fun.

What happens at this retreat?

Each retreat has different activities but most involve getting out and about together, group activities and workshops.

Past retreats have included robotics and scent-making workshops, an ocean dip, dinner out at The Newport and a relaxing night by a campfire with music.

Do you have the right funding?

You will need funding in the Core Supports area of your NDIS plan for short stays. We can talk to you about how to get the necessary funding in your plan.

It’s important that you book your place now to ensure that there is time to get funding in your NDIS plan.

When is the next Young Adults Retreat?

Young Adults Retreats usually take place early in the year. Check our Events page to see when the next retreat is coming up.

Contact Clients Services on 02 9888 5711 to express your interest in participating in next year’s retreat.

Read more about past retreats/camps for young adults.