2018 Mums Retreat


An extract from Talking Point 2018 Winter issue

In March, 13 mums and 2 staff headed up the mountains to a beautiful bushland retreat at Blackheath for a weekend together. It was a time to enjoy some respite from the normal routine of caring for a child with a neuromuscular condition. There were times of laughter as well as tears; time to talk and listen and connect with others; a time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature; a time to share ideas and feel valued. ~ Jenny Smith

What did they most like about the Retreat?

  • “Being away in a peaceful place with women similar to me. Sharing ideas and stories makes you feel connected where this doesn’t happen anywhere else”
  • “Being amongst nature with amazing mums that don’t take the break for granted”
  • “Networking, meeting other mums and talking with women who get it”
  • “The friendships, the sense of belonging, the atmosphere”
  • “Having time out and being able to just be me”
  • “The opportunity to reconnect with other mums and take time for myselfway from home and family”
  • “Empowered by other strong and amazing mums”