John’s first time at Adventure Camp

Our Adventure Camp was held in April, and for 7 year old John who lives with Duchenne MD, it was his first time attending. We thought we’d ask him about his experience!

Q: Was it scary going to your first camp?

JOHN: No, it was exciting. I was a little bit nervous about meeting new people.

BRYONY (Mum): I was a bit nervous as he’d not been away overnight without us before, but I knew he was in good hands.

Q: What did you like most about camp?

JOHN: Having special breakfasts and going to the beach.

BRYONY: I liked that he would be with other kids with similar abilities and be given opportunities to do fun things he might not normally do. I saw it as an opportunity for growth and independence for John.

Q: What was your favourite activity?

JOHN: I liked building the raft because I liked helping and being part of a team.

Q: Did you like the carers?

JOHN: Yes because they were fun and looked after me and sat with me.

Q: Do you think you will come back to camp?

JOHN: Yes!

John jumping in puddles

John at Camp