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Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a 5-day camp designed for children with neuromuscular conditions, who rely on power chairs.

This experience encourages kids to push past their comfort zones, enabling them to believe in their innate strength and capabilities.

Children participate in a range of super fun activities to ensure inclusivity, encompassing everything from teamwork to exhilarating challenges, like swimming and laser tag while supported by carers.

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The success of our Summer Camp relies on carer facilitation and access to adequate equipment to facilitate the camp experiences. Ensuring that each child has the necessary equipment is paramount in guaranteeing their full participation and enjoyment.
By providing the appropriate tools and with your generous donations, we enable every camper to not only engage in activities but to thrive.
We want to continue to grow our Summer Camp attendance numbers, and spread the Christmas spirit within the community.

Meet George!

A brave young fella of just 7 years old, with a determined spirit and a heart full of dreams. George has Nemaline Myopathy, a rare genetic disorder that affects muscle function and motor development, and currently there is no cure.

Each year, George’s Christmas wish is to attend MDNSW’s Summer Camp.

“Summer Camp is so fun, some of my favourite activities include going to the beach where we built sand castles and played games and building cubby houses with my friend Johnny”.

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