Peer Connect Online

Covid-19 has provided an impetus to bring people together online.

Online groups are inclusive, particularly for people living regionally and may continue after Covid-19, depending on demand.

MDNSW staff will follow best practice standards when setting up and running groups using software like Zoom.

We’ve included some simple standards of behaviour that is expected of participants in group activities, without stifling self-expression.

Expected standards of behaviour in online groups

If participants need clarity around what is expected of them while attending online groups, we have created this list.

What’s OK

  • Sharing information and stories
  • Seeking support or advice from your fellow group members
  • Giving ideas or suggestions in a supportive way
  • Being mindful and supportive of others
  • Enjoying the group

What’s not OK

  • Put-downs of other group members
  • Abusing, bullying, harassing, discriminating or defaming your fellow group members
  • Frequent or excessive profanity/swearing
  • Inappropriate content including violent or sexualised content
  • Being mean or willfully disruptive