Priority Access Criteria

Some of our programs are quite popular. Occasionally, there may be a waiting list for camps or retreats if we receive a lot of applications. To ensure the system is fair, we will assess applications based on priority using the criteria listed below.

  • The applicant lives in regional NSW
  • Parents/carers are aged carers
  • Parents/carers identify as being from a CALD background
  • Parents/carers identify as being from an ATSI background
  • The applicant has not attended a Camp with MDNSW previously
  • The applicant does not access camps provided by other organisations
  • The applicant would greatly benefit from an independent living experience away from their parents/carers
  • There is more than one child with a disability in the family
  • Parent/carer is a sole parent
  • The applicant has limited opportunities to socialise or interact with other children, or access community support services
  • Parents/carers have health, financial, or other issues that impact upon their capacity to care for their children
  • The applicant’s family is socially isolated with limited support from others
  • The applicant shows leadership potential and could mentor younger campers
  • The applicant is in a delicate transitional phase and would benefit from being with others at the same stage or be supported by those who have been through it
  • The applicant would be a suitable fit into this specific camp’s dynamic, contributing to the positive experience of all campers in general
  • The applicant has been identified as possibly belonging to one of the sub-groups being developed at camp, to assist in strengthening that particular groups’ self esteem, knowledge about their condition, leadership capabilities or independent living skills
  • The applicant can be suitably roomed with another camper who matches their gender, age and knowledge of their condition.

If you would like more information about Priority Access Criteria, please contact us.