Spring clean your health with Sugar Free September

With Spring less than one month away, don’t let your house get all the spring cleaning, share some of that energy with yourself as well!

Now is the time to kick your sugar habit and adopt a healthier lifestyle, by joining Muscular Dystrophy NSW’s (MDNSW) Sugar Free September challenge and give sweet opportunities to people living with neuromuscular conditions.

Sugar Free September inspires Australians to cut out refined and added sugar for one month and raise much-needed awareness and funds to help support people living with Muscular Dystrophy, a devastating muscle-wasting condition with no known cure.

MDNSW Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Sangster, said the impact of COVID-19 has made it a tough year for Australians and hopes that Sugar Free September provides the opportunity for people to do something positive for themselves, and for others.

“Most of us are unaware of just how much sugar we are actually consuming on a daily basis, and with the impact of COVID-19 we may have been eating a bit more than normal and exercising less,” Ms Sangster said.

“Australians consume an average of 14-16 teaspoons of added sugar each day. That’s equivalent to almost 3 bars of chocolate every day.

“Sugar Free September is your chance to challenge yourself, improve your health and give opportunities to kids and adults living with neuromuscular conditions so they can build strength and reach their potential,” says Ms Sangster.

This year, Sugar Free September has teamed up with Able Foods to make accessible, affordable, healthy food available to all. Co-founded by Paralympian, and two-time Wimbledon tennis champion Dylan Alcott, Able Foods is a disability-led, profit for purpose start-up offering ready-made meals for people of all abilities.

“We’re so excited to bring a fresh and fun face to the disability space while offering something that is a little different. At every stage of the business, we have people with disability and delicious tasting food at the top of our minds, the way it should be,” said co-founder Dylan Alcott.

Challengers will be supported by Sugar Free September and its partners every step of the way with expert advice from Nutrition Australia, a free fitness program from Peaches Pilates, daily tips and inspiration, and of course tasty, accessible meals for all from Able Foods.

By giving up sugar for one month, you can sweeten up the lives of hundreds of children and families affected by neuromuscular conditions with all funds raised going towards MDNSW’s programs and services that include camps, retreats and online peer support programs. So, get involved and go #SugarFreeforMD.

Are you ready to spring clean your health? Get more information and register at the Sugar Free September website www.sugarfreeseptember.org.au