Survey results tell us – You love Peer Connect!

In November last year, we surveyed 120 people who participated in the online Peer Connect program. We received 45 responses, which has given us a clear idea of what you enjoy and how well the program is working for our members. Your feedback has also given us plenty of ideas for discussion topics, new groups, returning to face to face and much more. Thank you to all who participated, your input is so important.

We will be using this feedback for planning and to improve the program for 2022, bringing changes like:

  • Introducing a hybrid program, both face to face and online.
  • Running more social groups and retreats.
  • Having more for young adults, including outings.
  • Icebreakers and more chat time.
  • Scheduling more various times, including evenings.
  • Introduce new topics, such as women’s access to health, NDIS, and managing health.

Overall, you told us that you enjoy participating in the Peer Connect program, rating it an overall 4.6 out of 5 stars! You told us that you experienced a variety of benefits, including:

  • Information
  • Learning from experience of peers, sharing ideas and problem solving
  • Feeling connected and less alone
  • Social contact / fun especially during the pandemic
  • Skills building, leadership development and opportunity to be influential in the community

“I like being able to talk about our experiences with others who share a lived experience”

Here are some key highlights from respondents of the survey on how Peer Connect helped them:

  • Three quarters of people participating in Peer Connect have a neuromuscular condition, the remaining quarter are comprised of family members.
  • While the majority of participant live in Greater Sydney, 34% of participants were from regional NSW.

“I like that I could attend due to zoom, normally because of my [regional] location I wouldn’t get the opportunity to attend so many events”

  • 80% said that they have increased their knowledge or skills.
  • 86% feel more motivated and confident and that it gave them the chance to talk about issues that are important to them.
  • 91% said that they were given the opportunity to contribute to discussions and have their contribution valued.

“[I enjoyed] Meeting and speaking with others about raising a child with MD, social interaction with others especially during lockdown.”

  • 73% were provided with information that assisted in making decisions or choices that were right for them.
  • 89% had the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with others.
  • 98% learned valuable stuff from their peers.
  • 93% said that the connections that they made through PC were useful.
  • 100% would recommend the Peer Connect program to others.

“I usually do not like any online activities or being on camera with people but when the activities are fun based or about something I’m interested in it definitely motivates me and helps me be more confident in group activities.”

What age groups are participating in Peer Connect? 

What are the most popular topics of interest?