Transport Options, Concessions and Entitlements

Accessible hire vehicles

Community Transport

Community Transport provides transportation for a nominal fee where other transport methods are not viable. To find your local community transport call: 1300 679 286

Community Transport Organisation has a list of NSW operators on its website

Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS)

Taxi transport vouchers enable people with qualifying severe and permanent disabilities to travel for half the standard meter fare.

Contact freecall 1800 623 724 or visit

To book a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi for the Sydney metropolitan area call 02 8333 0200 or go to the Zero200 website.

Interstate TTSS dockets

You can order interstate travel dockets for travel in other states and territories. Print and complete the Interstate travel dockets order form and send by mail, or fax it to 02 8836 3122. Allow at least 2–3 weeks turnaround when ordering.

Mobility Parking Scheme

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides special parking conditions to eligible people with a disability.

Australian Disability Parking Scheme

The Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS) includes an Australian Disability Parking Permit, which is recognised nationally. It also establishes nationally consistent eligibility criteria and national minimum parking concessions to help reduce the barriers for permit holders when travelling interstate.


Public transport

In Sydney most trains, buses and ferries are wheelchair accessible depending on your route. Light rail and metro trains are all wheelchair accessible. All Regional train services are wheelchair accessible.

For more information see the TransportNSW website.

If you have a Pensioner Concession you can receive discounts on public transport fares. If you carry a Companion Card your carer / companion / support worker can travel for free with you.


There is currently a trial wheelchair accessible Uber service in the Newcastle, NSW area.

National Parks Concession Card

A National Parks Concession card gives you free entry into all NSW National Parks and Reserves.

QANTAS – Carer Concession Card

The Qantas Carer Concession Card is issued to people with significant support requirements who through a physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive or psychosocial disability are unable to travel on the aircraft without the full time assistance of a carer.  A person is eligible if they need to have one-on-one support when seated on the aircraft for assistance with meals/drinks, toileting, administration of medication, orientation, communicating with the flight staff etc.

A person is not eligible if they only need assistance boarding the aircraft, or when they arrive at their destination.  You can visit Qantas for more information and to make bookings.

Discounts Available: 

Qantas Carer Concession cardholders and their nominated carer will receive the following discounts for Qantas domestic travel within Australia.

  • Economy Travel for Qantas Carer Concession Cardholders: 10% discount on Domestic Red e-Deal and Flex Economy Class fares
  • For Nominated Carers: 50% discount on Domestic Red e-Deal and Flex Economy Class fares
  • Business Class Travel For Qantas Carer Concession Cardholders: 50% off “Full Cost” Domestic Business Class Fares (subject to availability)
  • For Nominated Carers: 50% off “Full Cost” Domestic Business Class Fares (subject to availability)

Discounts are only available for sale through Qantas Direct Contact Centres on 131313. Discounts are not available for sale through The Qantas booking fee for booking by telephone is not payable on bookings made using a Qantas Carer Concession Card. A card payment fee will apply.

Bookings for the cardholder and their nominated carer must be made at the same time and both bookings must be made using the Card in order to obtain the discount. The cardholder and the nominated carer must travel in the same cabin on the flight.

This card is a photo ID card which is valid for three years and has an administration fee of $49.50 including GST.

Download the application form (Word and PDF) and the information package (Word and PDF).

Qantas Carer Concession Card is valid for three years. If your card is due to expire or has expired and you would like to renew your card please do the following:

  1. Click on this link (Word and PDF ) to read more about Qantas Card and eligibility.
  2. If you are still eligible and would like to renew your card, please click on this link (Wordand PDF) for the Renewal Form.
  3. Please complete the renewal application form, including the payment details and email us the application form with an attached recent passport size photo.

For any queries, please call 1800 806 769 or email

VIRGIN Australia – Disability Assistant Concession Fare

Virgin Australia is implementing a Disability Assistant Concession fare. The fare offers a 50% discount (applied to the base fare) for an assistant’s airfare. Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre agents will use the Independent Travel Criteria to assess if a guest is required to travel with an assistant. You can read the Independent Travel Criteria here.

The Disability Assistant Concession fare is a 50% discount which is applied to the base fare of all fare types including business class. Taxes, fees and GST cannot be discounted. The Guest Contact Centre will process the discount for you. This discount will be applied to all forms of payment in the Virgin Australia system including Velocity Points used to pay for Any Seats (you can read about Any Seats here.)

The discount applies to all Virgin Australia domestic travel.

Source: Have Wheelchair Will Travel

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