Jack Out Of The Box

The JackOutOfTheBox podcast is your place to listen to the “OutOfTheBox” lives of some interesting people. The series is developed and hosted by Jack Wason, who is a member of the MDNSW community and lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Jack is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University Of Wollongong. He moved from living in a small country town called Ungarie to live on campus. It was hard in the beginning to leave his parents and sister, but he is now making the most of living in Wollongong with a great new gang of friends and an awesome team of support workers to help me live independently. You can read more about Jack’s transition from living at home to independently at uni here.

You can stream episodes of JackOutOfTheBox on Apple Podcasts here or most podcast streaming apps. Happy listening!